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Would it surprise you to learn that by far the most common type of razor in the developed world is the disposable plastic razor? But even the design of the modern re-useable razor and replacement blades, and their combined packaging, require a lot of plastic. In addition there is all the plastic packaging, lids and tubes of shaving foams and gels – none of it in the least recyclable. To top it off, the blades are horrendously expensive. You can see why I thought it worthwhile to find an alternative!

Ladies and Gentlemen – I give you the old fashioned and stylish way of wet shaving with a traditional metal safety razor, shaving brush and luxurious shaving soap. Totally plastic free. You could only top this by not shaving at all (it was a tempting thought…).

I contacted www.washingandshaving.co.uk who gave me good advice on the right sort of razor for me. On their website are sections for ladies and for gentlemen with information, tutorials and an online shop. I decided on a chrome plated, open comb safety razor with a short handle (£25) which I think looks very stylish. The razor blades are cheap (about 30p), recyclable and come in small cardboard boxes. It is worth making sure you buy the right type of razor and to try out different blades. My husband already uses a shaving brush with natural bristles and a wooden shaving soap dish. The brush makes a thick, rich lather which helps the razor to glide very smoothly. I was a little scared to use my old-fashioned razor at first. I remember my father using one when I was little which was a comforting thought. After a few tries (and some minor nicks) I got the hang of it and I have now used it all summer and even travelled with it abroad. I am really happy to have tackled yet another great non-plastic alternative to an everyday item in our household!

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