It’s a must-do but is so easy to forget: always refuse plastic drink straws. If you’re unaware of the environmental impact caused by the trillions of single-use plastic drink straws that are discarded after one use and if you have missed the fantastic campaigns such as One Less Straw and others, then please have a look at the links below. A fun and stylish alternative are straws made from metal, bamboo, paper, glass or even silicone. They are easy to take with you when out and about with friends or on holiday. You can have a selection at home to show off your non-plastic credentials. The ones I bought (from local Stroud Valleys Project shop) are stainless steel and come with a dinky little brush for cleaning. I see that they are also available on Amazon from about £5 for 4 straws. Have a great summer everyone!

More Info:

  • Plastic Pollution Coalition – 500 million plastic straws per day are discarded in the US alone
  • One Less Straw – a campaign started in 2009 by a couple of kids. It’s been going round the world and is a sizable non-profit organisation now. On their website are resources and information. If you are brave enough to watch it, have a look at the video about a giant sea turtle having an entire plastic straw removed from its body through the nostril by some brave rescuers. You will never use a plastic straw ever again!
  • Dive Planit – on why plastic straws seriously suck
  • Be Straw Free campaign
  • Netivist campaign


  1. Laura

    AMAZING! I went to buy some straight away and they are great. I am thrilled to have an alternative to plastic straws, always thought I should really look for one and here it is, in SVP! Thanks Claudi 🙂

  2. Helen

    There are also edible straws coming onto the market, straws made from hay (literally straw straws) and black compostable bio-plastic straws. These are great for those who do need a straw or if you’re a little nervous about using solid straws that may jar on the the roof of the mouth (particularly for young kids who run around with drinks). Of course, the best straw is the No Straw.

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