Happy New Year to you! Do you want to make a change and start using less plastic in your life? Here are some great ideas with real impact to get you started:

  1. Switch to buying unpackaged fruit and vegetables – find your local farm shop
  2. Switch to paper or reusable fabric produce bags at the shops
  3. Switch to stainless steel tins or glass jars for food storage
  4. Switch to a stainless steel water bottle and take it with you wherever you go
  5. Switch to soap and shampoo bars to avoid plastic bottles
  6. Switch to bamboo toothbrushes and try out a simple toothpaste recipe
  7. Switch to cosmetics and bathroom products without microbeads
  8. Switch to washing powder in cardboard boxes
  9. Switch to milk in glass bottles delivered to your door
  10. Switch from tea bags to tea leaves – most tea bags contain plastic
  11. For a bonus point watch the new film ‘A Plastic Ocean’ available on iTunes and share it with your families and friends

See my blog posts for resources, research, how-to-make-things, where to shop and more. I’m looking forward to sharing more this year as I get better at living without plastic.


  1. KT

    Hi Claudi. Stainless steel water bottle = check! Glass containers for good storage = getting closer! Beginning to loathe plastic containers. Tea leaves I will start considering when I run out of earl grey and green tea. Also I will just drink less tea and more water. I refill washing up and laundry soap at Stroud Valleys project in town. I will try and download plastic ocean and watch it with others. Aim to do this by end of March. I don’t use cosmetics except Dr hauschka rose cream – does that have micro beads. I use own shopping bags already. I’m about 50% good on your list. Toothbrush is electric do won’t do bamboo. Where do I get shampoo bars?

    1. Rocio B

      I would recommend AKÖMA Skin Care Black Soap, good as shampoo bars and general soap bar for all the family; in our case from 1year old to 40! In my opinion; fantastic.

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