Join The Big Plastic Count 16-22 May 2022

The Big Plastic Count is the UK’s biggest ever investigation into household plastic waste. Together we’ll uncover the truth about how much we throw away and what happens to it, and prove bold action is needed to solve the plastic problem. All that is required is to count your plastic during one week in May and register it on a handy app, or on paper.

We’re all doing our bit to recycle, but plastic waste is still everywhere. Something doesn’t add up… and we need your help to prove it. Right now, nobody really knows how much plastic we’re throwing away or what happens to it, and we suspect it’s worse than anyone realises. There’s simply too much of it and recycling alone isn’t going to solve the plastic problem.

The Big Plastic Count, organised by Greenpeace and Everyday Plastic, will uncover the truth about how much household plastic we throw away and how much is really recycled. The nation will come together to count their plastic waste for one week in May. The new evidence we gather together will be crucial to convince the government, big brands and supermarkets to finally take ambitious action on plastic packaging.

This year, the government is starting to decide on legal targets to reduce plastic waste. We want them to set a target to reduce single-use plastic by 50% by 2025 (to be achieved by transitioning to reusable packaging which caters to everyone’s needs) and ban dumping our waste on other countries. The bigger our count, the stronger our evidence, the louder our call for change will be.

Over 150,000 households, 106 MPs and 2100 schools in the UK have already signed up. JOIN AND SIGN UP HERE

Once you’ve signed up you will be emailed all the information you need, including any links, tips and hints. Below the video is more detail if you’re not sure yet and would like to see what is involved to take part.

Here is how it works in detail:

  • First of all, sign up to take part by clicking on this link and filling in a short form. You will then receive an email with further details.
  • Record all the different types of plastic packaging waste you use on a printed tally sheet or tally online. If you are using a paper tally sheet, put it up somewhere near your bin this weeked so by Monday morning everyone can see it and use it. If you are tallying online, save the link somehere so you’ve go it to hand ready for Monday morning (but remember only one person in your houshold can use the tally online)
  • For 7 days, starting Monday 16 May 2022, you need to count every single piece of plastic packaging waste that you throw away. That’s plastic waste you put in the bin and plastic that you put in the recycling. Try to count anything you throw away while out of the home too. You could store everything and tally it all in one go, or you can tally as you go along.
  • At the end of the week you need to submit your total count result – this is crucial so don’t forget to do this. Head over to the website to submit your results. You have up until the 31st of May to submit your data. Once you’ve done that, you’ll get your household’s plastic footprint, and also some tips to help reduce plastic in day-to-day life.

If you are reading this after the 22nd of May, follow updates on this project here.

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