Here is an ingenious alternative to plastic washing-up brushes, or the ubiquitous yellow sponge, green scourers and metal scrubbing pads: the humble loofah and coconut plants! Try Michael’s Original and LoofCo loofahs for dishes and Safix coconut fibre scrubbing pads for pots & pans. 100% compostable, non-toxic, hygienic, effective and long-lasting. Only a click away, and packaged in nothing but a little cardboard, at  Husband Pete was delighted when we first started using these: “These are tougher than the yellow plastic sponges and plastic brushes, they do a better job, they don’t gunge up and they last so much longer.”  The coconut scourer is tough but doesn’t scratch pots and pans. The loofah is soft and squeaky when wet and is brilliant for cleaning dishes, cutlery and glass. I’m happy too, because Pete is doing the dishes!

Yellow kitchen sponges with the green or white scouring pads are made from petroleum and are 0% biodegradeable. They shed microplastic into the water as they deteriorate and at best they last a few weeks. Basically they are a complete nightmare for the environment and everyone uses them. I still have some lurking under the sink because we used to buy them in spades. I look at them suspiciously now that I have my new loofah-and-coconut friends – not quite sure what to do with them… If I’d known how easy it is to find an alternative, I would have surely switched years ago.

Why not give them a try: Greenbrands Online Shop – they don’t cost the Earth!

NB: also available as bathroom scourers!


  1. wendy

    HI there
    I am trying to go plastic free and have read with interest your webpage thanks for all the tips – I am trying to track down some of Michaels washing pads but it seems they might have gone out of business? I can find loofa,s, else where for bathroom use but dont know how ethical they might be have you come across anything else that might be available in the UK ? I have order a Safix scrub pad so look forward to receiving and try that out . Hope you can help .

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  3. Sue Chant

    I clicked on the link to Greenbrands Online Shop and the first thing I saw was a page full of plastic bottles. Disappointing from a “green” site.

  4. Janna

    I couldn’t agree more. So often it is the packaging and not the product that is the fly in the ointment. Sometimes it just seems impossible to avoid plastic altogether.

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