The joys and benefits of reducing our consumption

Having entered our fourth year of living a lifestyle that involves drastically reduced consumption, these benefits still hold true and bring me joy every day¬†❤

Read a short, heartfelt paragraph for each benefit here

  • #1: Reducing stress and developing a mindful approach
  • #2: Watching your rubbish diminish dramatically
  • #3: Spending very little time in supermarkets
  • #4: Getting to know the fabric of your community
  • #5: A lot less clutter in your home
  • #6: Learning how to make and grow things
  • #7: Getting rid of the dilemma of plastic recycling
  • #8: Discovering more sustainable solutions
  • #9: Less consumption overall
  • #10: Our purchase is a vote
  • #11: Less food waste
  • #12: Discovering second-hand shopping
  • #13: Reconnecting with nature
  • #14: Fewer chemicals in your home
  • #15: Being part of the tipping point
  • #16: Enjoying simple cooking
  • #17: Being stylish and vintage chic
  • #18: Intellectually stimulating
  • #19: Fewer food miles needed
  • #20: Making celebrations more enjoyable
  • #21: Shifting away from a throw-away attitude
  • #22: A healthier lifestyle
  • #23: Cheaper cleaning products & toiletries
  • #24: Boosting creativity
  • #25: Giving items a new lease of life
  • #26: Joining forces with others
  • #27: Happiness from experiences vs material things
  • #28: Feeling better about our accountability
  • #29: Building awareness and joint-up thinking
  • #30: Save time by simplifying
  • #31: The more you do it, the simpler it gets!


  1. Kathryn Heming

    These are awesome! Thanks for putting such a positive spin on plastic free living!

  2. Hannah Duquesne

    I love the Bathroom/Cosmetics part, thank you very much, and I have a lot changed already. However there is one item which I have to use (my Dentist is very serious about it because of my gums) these are those tiny brushes who have a plastic top to hold on to when brushing between the teeth??
    Any suggestion what one could use alternatively? They have a very short life and need to be disposed off too quickly.

    1. Daniel Adak

      I have read that some zero waste people use oral irrigators instead of those small brushes.
      Great post for cheering people to change their habits in a positive way.

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