I am excited to introduce Wild Nutrition to you. This UK based family-run company have developed food-grown supplements sourced from high-grade, pesticide free, 100% raw whole food ingredients which are highly absorbable by the body. These bespoke ranges for children, teenagers, women and men come in glass bottles with metal lids and not a shred of plastic. If you order by mail they will use cardboard and paper instead of bubble wrap.

I have searched high and low for plastic-free nutritional supplements and I am really excited that these are also food based rather than synthetically created. I am currently taking Wild Nutrition’s botanical menopause complex which I bought at Whole Foods Market. There is a fantastic health and wellbeing blog on the website and lots of reviews and tips. Karen, the Nutritional Therapist at Wild Nutrition who answered my questions regarding their packaging policy, paid me a lovely compliment: I just had a look at your website. How wonderful that you are focusing on this incredibly important issue.” I’d like to return the compliment!


  1. Olivia

    Thank goodness I found your articles! I find them so interesting and useful! I was wondering if you know of anywhere I can buy medicine without the plastic packaging or lids? I have searched all over but cannot find what I’m after xx

    1. admin Post author

      I haven’t found medicine without plastic packaging or lids – only Wild Nutrition supplements in glass with metal lids. Let me know if you find any!

      1. yogastef

        Solgar! They seem to be all in glass and much more reasonable prices, though I suppose as wild grow hopefully they’ll offer better costs

    2. Ethical Nutrition Co

      Unfortunately even most lids contain a ‘wad’ that contains plastic in addition to some sort of security seal – plastic-containing security strip across the top. Sometimes companies claim the seals are ‘starch’ based but these cellulose derived materials have been processed in a way that renders them a bioplastic, non-recyclable and only industrially compostable. Many ‘starch’ films also have 10% traditional plastics added to them.

      In addition we’d encourage people to ask brands where the glass jars are from – in our experience they’re manufactured in China and the carbon footprint of transporting this glass around the globe is huge.

      We’ve researched food packaging for over a year and created paper pouches lined with 100% plastic-free moisture barrier to keep the product fresh. You can’t re-seal them, you have to double fold the pouch and they don’t look as fancy but they’re the best option available righty now!

      Ethical Nutrition Co

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