I adore this video by Brush With Bamboo – a family who converted their typical American suburban home and garden into a lush self-sufficient paradise and started a bamboo toothbrush company. I want to be adopted by this family!  Their toothbrushes are entirely vegetable-based unlike the bamboo toothbrushes you typically see on Amazon or in health food shops in the UK which have Nylon bristles.

The thing about toothbrushes is that every single plastic toothbrush that has ever been made is still intact. I don’t even want to do the maths on that. I ordered two types of toothbrushes from the UK seller ‘Ecobamboo’ come with soft or hard Nylon4 bristles that are BPA free. ‘TEA Natura’ brushes are entirely made from bamboo, including the bristles. Both are packaged in plant-based material. Brilliant! You could also go for German engineering with beech wood and natural boar bristles from which allegedly “make tooth brushing truly pleasant” (hmm…. boar bristles). There are many other types on the market to try. I have used my bamboo toothbrush for many weeks now and I really like it. I don’t know about the eco-credentials of bamboo or Nylon. I believe that Nylon takes between 30 and 40 years to break down and wood and bamboo will of course compost quite naturally.


  1. Lucy Lidell

    So impressed by all your ideas, Claudia, but stumbling a bit on the toothbrush
    as I need an electric one as I’ve got lots of crowns, etc.
    Do you know if one can a non=plastic electric brush?
    Best wishes

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Lucy and thank you so much for your comment! I don’t know of a non-plastic electrical toothbrush – it’s an interesting question. Personally I think it’s ok to compromise on things that have a long-term use or that are a medical necessity. I had a similar dilemma with my contact lenses and glasses. There is much plastic involved in this area too.

  2. Caz Caple

    I know what you about contact lenses, I dread to think where all those dailies end up! Do you use your old plastic toothbrushes around the house? How can you dispose of them environmentally? I am loving reading your posts. I have a question, when you planned to go plastic free, did you run down all the stuff in your cupboards and gradually replace?

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