There is a shop in Stroud that sells pet food straight from sacks and boxes. The shop owners are happy for you to bring your own boxes or paper bags and scoop and weigh at the shop. I don’t have a pet, but that strikes me as a brilliant plastic-packaging-free idea. There are also a multitude of pet treats and biscuits as well as pet bedding. And, because it is Stroud, there is of course a lovely man in one corner of the shop, happily spinning wool at an old-fashioned spinning wheel…

Cornhill Pets and Country Crafts, 7 Threadneedle Street, Stroud 01453 757322

One thought on “PET FOOD – PLASTIC FREE

  1. Richard

    Dried chickpeas are great, but if you can’t find them Sainsbury & Tesco do organic chickpeas & other pulses in tetrapacs.

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